Esper Finance Launchpad Plugin

The xESPER Launchpad Plugin enables users to access the advantages of projects launching on the Esper Launchpad, including partnerships with projects that may not directly launch through Esper.

xESPER Launchpad Plugin allocators can enjoy a range of advantages, such as whitelist spots, discounts, airdrops, and other enticing incentives. Benefits for each project launching on Esper Launchpad may differs, detailed information about the benefits will be shared in advance of each sale through the Launchpad Plugin page.

It's important to note that a 30-day cooldown timer is initiated upon allocation, which resets whenever you allocate additional xESPER. During this cooldown period, it is not possible to deallocate your xESPER.

The extent of the benefits you receive is determined by the amount of xESPER you allocate. Allocating more xESPER results in a larger share of the benefits. If the total amount of xESPER allocated to the plugin increases, each user's share will decrease proportionally. This dynamic works in both directions.

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