Nitro Pools

Additional layer of yield reward

What is Nitro Pools?

Nitro Pools are purpose-built pools designed to accommodate Esper LP NFTs (spNFTs) contributed by users, thereby introducing an additional layer of yield rewards in conjunction with the existing returns generated by those positions.

More specifically, these pools serve as a direct and permissionless avenue for protocols to incentivize liquidity without relying on intermediaries. However, the real game-changer lies in incorporating specific requirements, enabling projects to target and reward desired staking user profiles or concentrate incentives on particular liquidity types.

The application features two distinct types of Nitro Pools:

  1. Official Nitro Pools: Established by the Esper Finance team or verified partners.

  2. Community Nitro Pools: Permissionlessly deployed by anyone in the community.

Depositing spNFTs to Nitro Pools

Nitro Pools exclusively accept Esper LP NFTs (spNFTs) as deposits. Each Nitro Pool will feature the following configurations:

  • Dedicated wrapped LP (or single asset): Only positions generated from this asset, as defined by the deployer, can be deposited into the pool.

  • Reward token: The pool will distribute rewards in this specific token, with the flexibility to add additional rewards at any given time.

  • Deposit start time: Before this designated time, staking activities are not allowed.

  • Rewards distribution phase duration: Defined by start and end times, this period determines the duration for which rewards will be distributed.

  • Optional harvest start time: Until this specified time, individuals cannot collect their earned rewards.


Users can deposit any desired amount of their spNFTs into the pool. Consequently, the calculation of rewards is based on the cumulative total of all the user's current deposits.

Moreover, participants can add new positions at any time and withdraw their staked positions entirely or partially.

Interact with Esper LP NFT

Even if specific interactions are logically restricted while staked, users still can increase their position and collect xESPER and ESPER rewards for all their spNFTs within a Nitro Pool.

For any other operations involving a deposited spNFT, users must first withdraw it from the Nitro Pool before proceeding.

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