Interacting with Esper Finance on Mantle Testnet

Currently, Esper Finance's app is still in the development phase. Here are some steps you can take to get yourself ready in the meantime!

Mint Testnet $MNT

Mantle uses $MNT as its native token, Mantle has created an $MNT faucet on Goerli. This faucet is an ERC-20 implementation of $MNT, with the addition of a faucet method that can mint tokens for the caller. This token acts as the native token on Mantle network.

Make sure the wallet you use has a few Goerli ETH ($gETH) to pay the gas fee for minting testnet $MNT. Roughly 0.00012 gETH should suffice.

You can get some Goerli ETH from Paradigm or Alchemy faucet.

Adding Mantle Testnet Network to Metamask

Adding Mantle Testnet Network to your Metamask is very straightforward, you can do it by following these steps below:

  1. Open your Metamask extension

  2. Select the network option

  3. Click on the Add network button

  4. Scroll down till you find Add a network manually

  5. Input these infos and then click save

Network name

Mantle Testnet


Chain ID


Currency symbol


Block explorer URL

Bridge to Mantle Testnet

The $MNT token is supported by Mantle Testnet Bridge on Goerli. You can use the bridge by following the steps below:

  1. Use the faucet to mint testnet $MNT on ETH Goerli

  2. Go to the Mantle Bridge and select "Deposit $MNT from Goerli"

  3. Add the Goerli testnet $MNT contract address to your wallet: 0xc1dC2d65A2243c22344E725677A3E3BEBD26E604

  4. You can use this same bridge to withdraw $MNT token from Mantle to Goerli

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